Creating a Sophisticated Bathroom Look with Marazzi EpicClean Tile

This blog is sponsored by Home Depot

Today I’m super excited to reveal my latest bathroom makeover. I recently partnered with Home Depot to show how easy and affordable it is to upgrade your bathroom with tile and finishes to create a high-end designer look and feel. 

Most bathrooms have limited space, like this one from one of my newest property. Upgrading simple finishes like tiles, mirrors, and small features like lighting and faucets can really help make your space feel larger and help it live up to its potential. It’s easy to make a designer look on a budget without hiring experts. I took full advantage of Home Depots affordable products to make the bathroom transform from this: 



Now let’s dive into the renovation process. Supringisly, I didn’t need to update much in order to transform this dysfunctional bathroom to have a more sophisticated look and feel. The biggest renovation that was needed was the flooring which was in dire need of replacing. The vanity was in fairly good condition so I decided not to replace it. When I began tearing up the tiles and removing the vanity and toilet out of the way, I quickly realized that the subflooring underneath had mildew damage and was rotting. 

Most of the subflooring had to be replaced along the bathtub, vanity and toilet. Once I got this replaced, it was time to install the new tile. I wanted a product that would bring lasting protection to the subflooring underneath to prevent having to replace it in the future. 

Thankfully, I discovered the Marazzi EpicClean tile collection at Home Depot. This tile has built in antimicrobial product protection on every tile creating the lasting protection I was looking for. EpicClean eliminates up to 99% of surface bacteria and fights stain and odor causing bacteria that grows on bathroom floors and walls. If you are a clean freak like me, who cleans their bathroom every week, you understand why this was music to my ears. Their collection came in a variety of different designs finishes allowing for a cohesive design and look to any bathroom renovation. 

I decided to go with the EpicClean Milton Arabescato Marble 12 in. x 24 in. Glazed Porcelain Floor tile. I like white marbled looks because it allows more light to come in and make the space feel larger. I also wanted the overall feel of the design to be subtle to create a more relaxing feel. This tile did just that. Now, not only does this bathroom look more inviting, but the floors are protected against damaging microbes helping to enhance the overall integrity and durability of the tile and bathroom as a whole. They are also super easy to clean, unlike the laminate flooring in the previous bathroom. I really wanted to protect against any mildew and mold that may develop because you never really know how clean a tenant will keep your place.  

I finished the bathroom renovation by adding simple finishes and decorative pieces like hanging shelves for fake plants (or real plants if you have a green thumb unlike me). These small changes provided a soft contrast to help elevate my original design. 

I wanted to give a huge thank you to my friends at Home Depot for making this bathroom transformation possible.