Dutch Boy® One-Coat Paint 

Before I start this post, a little background. I recently purchased another rental property to transform into Airbnb. When I stumbled across this newest property, I immediately fell in love with its location and exterior and knew that it would be the perfect spot to open up another Airbnb, but it needed lots of work. I’ve been running around spending money like crazy on my rental properties lately so I needed affordable options to create a chic, designer look. Thanks to Dutch Boy® Paints one-coat paints, I was able to transform this room…

into this….

If I had to give one piece of advice to real estate investors or homeowners who have recently purchased a property and are looking to transform their space while operating on a budget, it would be to paint the walls. I cannot recommend this enough. With just a few strokes of a paint brush, you can transform your new space to have a beautiful look and feel. Dutch Boy® Paints offers one-coat paint in hundreds of beautiful colors. Dutch Boy® Paints is known for their performance and unexpectedly affordable prices. For the walls in the previous tenants room I used Promising Gray (439-4DB). It transformed this space into a chic, sophisticated bedroom. To add more dimension and contrast to the room, I decided to paint one of the walls with Promising Gray and keep the remaining walls the existing white color. 

One tip when trimming is to use a stiff brush with an angle on it so you can get right up to the edge without having to repaint the ceiling or fix up the other walls.  The Purdy (Rebecca please put whatever brush you need to in her) brush really helped me to create a clean line with ease.

Thank you to my friends at Dutch Boy® Paints and Menards® for helping me transform this bedroom into a sophisticated space with easy to apply and affordable one-coat paint. Click here to shop all their products!

Check out my IG Reel to watch the transformation!