Taylor and Bryce found me through a past client and I’m so freaking glad they did!I remember her calling me and saying she was almost in tears because she was so unsure about who should shoot their wedding and who she could trust with one of their most precious moments as a couple. 

 Their wedding was originally scheduled for New Years Eve 2020 but it got pushed to NYE ‘21.  It’s going to be a party and I cannot wait! So many couples had to push their weddings to this year and even 2022 as wedding venues and photographers are getting booked up so quickly.  With that said, don’t rush it.  Take your time and find a photographer who you can trust and who you can connect with. 

We headed out on a beautiful summer evening to Forest River Park in Fargo, ND to capture their engagement photos.  If you’re looking for a spot to shoot your engagement photos, I highly recommend this place.  This used to be a massive development but due to the Red River flooding so much all of the houses got moved off of it.