In June 2020, my sister and I bought a 4-plex in Omaha, Nebraska.  Uff da, this property was so ugly when we bought it.  The tenants were less than great, the place needed some major upgrades, and the rent was well under market.  We were able to work on the place unit by unit slowly turning long term rental into a short-term housing option for travelers.  I’ll go into detail in blogs down the line on how we did the entire renovation, where we got items from, where to source inspiration, and how to do it all on a budget.  

There was an old rickety murphy bed which was original from when the house was built.  However, it was a full size bed and we needed it to be a queen so we could bring in more clients as travelers prefer a queen over a full size bed.  We ended up just folding it up and shutting the doors to the closet and getting a new bed frame.  

Accent walls are a great way to attract customers on short-term rental sites.  While it may seem like it some of the designs will go out of style in a few years it’ll be well worth your time and effort to make your place as possible.  We decided to go with a half painted wall and a stained board running the length of the room. 

This space was originally a closet with a ton of wasted space.  While short-term rentals still need storage and a place to hang clothing, turning this closet into an office space was probably one of my proudest renovation ideas.   With a ton of people transitioning to working remotely full time, it’s becoming essential to install desks or create office spaces in homes to attract the WFH individuals.

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